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Apps We Love for Speech – Story Kit

App Name: StoryKit

Why We Love It: This app allows you to customize a story utilizing pictures you have taken from your iPad or iPhone. The types of stories that can be used are sequential stories that incorporate specific steps needed to complete tasks, review of past events to share with others, and pictures within the story that help teach specific concepts. An example of a sequential story would be showing the steps needed to brush teeth. The child can be the “actor” for the story and can then utilize appropriate expressive language skills to describe the story. An example of reviewing past events would be to take pictures of your child at the event. The child can then share what happened by describing the pictures and showing them to another person. This app can also help teach specific concepts by taking pictures of specific verbs in action, prepositions (i.e. the book is on the table and the blanket is on the bed).

Why Kids Love It: They get to be the “star” of their own personalized books. Children can make greater connections to the activity because they have such a big role in it’s creation.

Available: iTunes FREE