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From Our Bookshelf: Arnie and His School Tools

Arnie and His School Tools: Simple Sensory Solutions that Build Success

by Jennifer Veenendall

arnie cover

Arnie and His School Tools is a charming children’s book about a boy with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). The book was written by a school based occupational therapist and describes the difficulties a child with sensory under-responsiveness faces in the classroom. Arnie is a mover. He is a wiggler and a fidgeter who is easily distracted by sounds and sights within his classroom. Arnie explains his challenges and sensory solutions in clear language with examples children can relate to:

Recess is easy! I love to jump and climb and swing. But coming back

Inside is not always so easy. That’s when I have what we call my “job

time.” Mr. Dave is our custodian, and I am his special helper. Sometimes

I help him sweep the cafeteria floor. I also push a heavy cart to deliver

boxes of mail to teachers. Then when I go back to my class, my motor

isn’t running too high anymore, and I am ready to concentrate and do

my work.

Arnie acknowledges the fact that it may always be more difficult for him to concentrate and pay attention in his classroom, but he feels confident in the sensory tools he has available to help him succeed. This book is a great match for any child with a high engine, to help them understand they are not alone and there are strategies that may help them participate in the classroom and in daily life.