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Apps We Love: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

App Name: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Why We Love It:

This beautifully designed app helps children learn to use deep breathing strategies to self calm. The app introduces a Sesame Street monster who faces real life scenarios such as having trouble tying his shoes or impatiently waiting in line. The narration uses a variety of words to describe the emotions and makes observations about the monster’s body language as well. The focus of the app is to teach the child to take three deep breaths, then think of multiple solutions to the problem at hand. The child chooses one of the options and the monster acts out the solution. The language is simple and the steps are repeated to help reinforce the lesson.   The animation is high quality and visually engaging. We love that the monster comes up with more than one possible plan, however, one scenario involves asking a teacher for a hug, which may not be appropriate in a school setting. Overall though, this app is a powerful tool for teaching an important skill.

breathe think do

Why Kids Love It:

The animations are clear and beautifully presented which keeps the kids visually engaged. Also, while the monster is “thinking”, the child gets to pop bubbles which helps keep their attention on the app. Although it is unlikely that your child will independently pick this app to play in their free time, with some guidance from you they can pick up a new skill to help them succeed in day to day activities.

Available: iTunes FREE