Tips for Middle School

The transition from elementary school to middle school can be a challenge. Here are some quick tips to consider before the school year starts.

  • Combination locks are often difficult for children with motor planning difficulties.

o       Some children benefit from using a padlock with a key rather than a traditional combinationword-lock lock.  Others may prefer to use a lock with a code, such as this.

speed dial combination locko      Another option is the “Speed Dial” lock that uses a slider that moves up, down, left and right and can be set with the combination of your choice. (Please note this style of lock is larger than traditional combination locks and we have found that it does not fit on all lockers.)

o       If your child’s school locker has a combination lock built in, your child could ask permission to place a discrete sticker on the right side of the lock to help him recall which direction to spin the lock first.

  • Begin a color-coding system with your child.  This system can last him through the middle school, high school and college years.  Have your child pick a color for each subject (e.g. math is the red folder).  Label the outside of the folder “Math” and label the pocket on the inside “To Do” and “Finished”.  If your child can get in the habit of always placing homework and completed assignments in the proper colored folder, there will be fewer misplaced papers and less stress for all involved.
  • Purchase or print out calendar pages for your child to keep by their homework area in order to track long-term projects.  As soon as assignment dates are given, teach your child to put them on the calendar.  Use colored stickers or markers to reinforce the color-coding system for each subject.

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