Back to School Tips

school busSummer has flown by and once again it is time to head back to school. Here are some ideas to help with this transition.

  • Get back to school-year bedtimes and wake-up times at least a week before school starts.  Although this may not be popular with older children, it will be worth it during the first weeks of school.
  • If your child is bothered by the feeling of new clothing, do not push them to wear a brand new outfit on the first day of school.  Wearing comfortable clothing will reduce the sensory demands on your child when in a new classroom with unfamiliar sensory stimuli.
  • Use a calendar to set up after school routines.  Having a visual aid as well as the comfort of knowing what to expect is helpful to many children.
  • If your child has fine motor or motor planning difficulties, food and beverage packages may be a challenge at snack and lunch time.  Give your child a chance to master these packages at home before going back to school.  You can even serve snacks and lunch in your child’s lunch box to practice the motor sequences from start to finish.

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