In an age of electronic entertainment and plugged-in play, many classic childhood games are being pushed aside. However, these classic games provide key benefits for child development. In this series of posts, we will explore how these “unplugged” activities are more than just child’s play.

playing memory


Time to clear some room on the table and pull out a set of Memory cards.  Perhaps the most evident skill this game addresses is visual memory, the ability to mentally store information in order to retrieve it for later recall.  Other visual perceptual skills practiced include discrimination (recognizing the image, matching images and categorization of the images) and tracking (scanning the entire field of cards).  Flipping over the cards requires efficient grasp, forearm rotation and release.  Children practice turn taking skills and can work on appropriate social interactions by encouraging another player.  For a personal touch, print out snapshots of familiar people, places or toys as the memory cards.


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