Cat in the Hat

This is an adorable game perfect for preschoolers or early elementary school children who are learning to follow multi-step directions, identify right vs. left, and understand how to move their body in relation to objects.  The game includes items found in the Cat in the Hat books, such as a fish tank, a boat, and a birthday cake.  On his turn, your child picks from three piles of cards: a movement card, a prop card, and how to interact with the prop card.  Your child may be challenged to walk backwards with the fish on his head, or crawl under a foam tube with a boat under his right arm.  You could even add extra cards with new props and actions to further focus on areas that are challenging for your child.  This game is sure to bring on the giggles if you join in and try the actions along with your child.  What a fun way to work on difficult motor planning skills!


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