App Name: Mr. Potato Head

Why We Love It:

This engaging app brings the classic Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to life.  The app recently changed its interface and got rid of the need for in-app purchases.  Your child can pick from 26 different outfits and 13 different play scenes.  Just like the real mr potato headMr. Potato Head, your child must choose where to place the body parts to assemble the character.  After the characters are built, your child picks the scene where she can make the Potato Head characters jump, dance and interact with the scenery by pressing buttons on the screen. This app reinforces correct placement of facial features and symmetry in body scheme.  The child can work on finger isolation when dragging and dropping the body parts on to the character.  To practice correct pencil grasp, have your child use a stylus intended for a touch screen device.

Why Kids Love It:

The variety of options for outfits is a major draw.  The characters’ antics within the play scenes maintains a child’s attention, and they love the option to take a “snapshot” of their Potato Head in action.

Available: iTunes FREE


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