Apps We Love: Relax Melodies

App Name: Relax Melodies HD and Relax Melodies Oriental HD

relax melodiesWhy We Love It:

These apps are some of the best white noise apps we have found. While there are many white noise apps on the market, it is rare to find a free app that allows you to layer sounds together. These apps have relaxing melodies that can be paired with sounds from nature, such as ocean waves, birds chirping or underwater bubbles. Both apps are supported by ads, however premium versions, which feature ad-free screens, timers and additional sounds, are available. Many children who are easily distracted by auditory input may benefit from using a white noise app with a steady, constant level of auditory stimuli while completing work or while falling asleep. We also use these apps when creating a quiet, cozy place for a child who is dysregulated.relax melodies oriental

Why Kids Love It:

These are not apps that children at our clinics tend to specifically request, however we utilize these types of apps as tools in the child’s sensory diet. Just as vestibular and proprioceptive activities are often components of a sensory diet, the auditory system is a powerful tool to help a child become more regulated. Older children enjoy choosing sounds and music to layer and experiment with how some types of sound are calming and other sounds are alerting.

Available: iTunes: FREE; Premium Edition $0.99
Android Market: FREE; Premium Edition $2.99


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