Apps We Love: Dial Safe Pro

App Name: Dial Safe Pro

Why We Love It:

This is a great (free!) app to teach phone skills starting from the very basics how to hold a phone, dialing and hanging up, when to call 911, and safety when talking to strangers on the phone. There is a customized memory challenge where you can input your home phone number or any other number your child needs to memorize. Perhaps the best part of this app is the practice and challenge levels that actually walk your child through the steps involved in dialing a number and talking to someone at home or to a 911 operator.  The buttons are large and easy to tap correctly and the sound effects are realistic. The app is narrated by a woman with a clear, friendly voice, and the script reads much like a social story.  This is a great tool for children learning phone skills and phone safety.

Why Kids Love It:

The narration is clear and the visuals are simple without being too childish. This is not an app that kids are going to beg to play, but once they start using it they tend to stay engaged.

Available: iTunes FREE


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