Apps We Love: Lazoo Squiggles

App Name: Lazoo Squiggles

Why We Love It:

This adorable app encourages children to explore the possibilities of a simple squiggle. There are 13 different pictures that your child can complete by adding squiggles. After completing the image, press the “Go” button, and the image comes to life. Each image requires the child to draw in designated areas, which encourages visual perceptual skills and fine motor control. If your child is learning to trace complex lines, you can use a wide paintbrush to draw the line and then have your child trace over your line with a narrow chalk line.

Why Kids Love It:

 The images in this app are beautiful and gender neutral, ranging from making squiggly cotton candy to drawing nests for birds. The app allows the child to chose from a paintbrush, chalk, marker or squirt bottle, use different colors and add stickers to the picture.  The animations are visually engaging and the app allows the child to save their work to show off later.

Available: itunes FREE


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