The holidays are fast approaching. Do you have any long car trips planned? Here are some ideas to consider as you prepare.

  • Use a calendar to count down the days leading up to the trip. Highlight the days of the trip with a bright color. Bring it with you to help your child see when they will be going home.
  • Allow your child to wear comfy clothes in the car, even if it means wearing their pj’s for the ride.
  • Gather pictures to track your progress on the trip. Print pictures of planned stops, state lines or miles traveled. As each milestone is passed, have your child put the picture in an “All Done” envelope.
  • Pack sensory smart snacks. Chewy foods like dried fruit and bagels or drinking liquids (even yogurt) through a thin straw can be organizing.
  • Use bathroom breaks as sensory breaks as well. Encourage wall pushups against the car or a tree, or have your child help you “rearrange” the luggage.Image
  • Use a 5-point scale for voice volume. Practice with it before the trip. Use it to prompt your child to bring their volume down to a 3 or use a 2 if a sibling is sleeping.

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