App Name: Sticker Sudoku

Why We Love It: Anyone who has played Sudoku before knows the visual perceptual and problem solving skills required to solve these puzzles. But all those numbers and boxes can be confusing to younger children. Sticker Sudoku is the perfect app to introduce the concept of the game. Instead of numbers, the grid is filled in with friendly animal “stickers”. The grid itself is only 4×4 (rather than the traditional 9×9).  Each column, row and group of 4 boxes must have one of each of the animals to correctly solve the puzzle. One useful aspect of this app is that if the child incorrectly places an animal, it turns upside down, but stays in place. This allows for discussion of why the placement is incorrect and allows the child to use problem solving skills instead of simple trial and error. The visuals are clear, without distractions. The only thing that would make this app better would be to have multiple levels of difficulty, but for a free app, we won’t complain.

Why Kids Love It: The animals are cute without being too juvenile. Many kids have seen parents or siblings play Sudoku and they love mastering a game that adults play.

Available from iTunes – FREE


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