App Name: Memory King

Why We Love It: This app is a great way to play a classic game of memory, without all the hassle of setting up the pieces, making sure you have two of each picture, and trying to keep an organized grid of cards. This app has a wonderful variety of settings to tailor fit the challenge with the child’s abilities.  It can be played with 1-4 players, you can set up a grid of 2 pairs to 32 pairs of cards, have the cards remain face up for 1/2 a second to 5 seconds, even record your own customized audio labels for each picture! During multiplayer games, the background color of the screen changes for each player to help track whose turn it is. The free version includes pictures of animals and toys, plus there is the option to purchase expansion packs for $0.99 each,  such as numbers, letters, food, marine life, zoo animals and more. But don’t worry, the expansion packs are hidden within the Settings, so the kids won’t accidentally make an in-app purchase.

Why Kids Love It: After each match, the friendly voice on the app provides feedback such as “You did it!” or “Good work!”. Fun sound effects keep the kids attention, too.Every match earns the player 50 points, and there are speed and accuracy scores at the end of the round.

Available: iTunes FREE


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