Tooth Brushing Time

Helpful Hints for Toothbrushing

Toothbrushing can be a daily struggle for many children. Here are some tips to try with your child.

    • Some children find the “zippy” mint flavor of toothpaste to be painful. Even kids’ mint toothpaste can be overwhelming. Try different flavors, such as Toms of Maine Strawberry or Colgate Watermelon.
    • Some children prefer soft bristles while others crave the extra input from a vibrating toothbrush. Some brushes play songs and there are a wide variety of brushes with characters on them.
    • Toothbrushing does not have to happen in the bathroom. Some children find the bathroom to be overwhelming because of the bright lighting, associated smells, increased echoes and visual stimuli of the mirror. Try the kitchen or even another room of the house with a bowl to spit in.
    • Trying to teach your child to spit? Draw a picture with markers, and place it in the sink. Let your child fill their mouth with water, then spit the water onto the drawing and the marker will “melt” away.
    • Make a routine for toothbrushing to take the mystery out of the process. For example, brush the top teeth on the right side for a count of 10, then the top left side. Don’t forget to end with the tongue.

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